Codesmart solves complex business challenges and helps our customers on creating success stories.

Our Products

Codesmart develops tailor-made, customer-oriented business solutions leaning on detailed business analysis. Our solutions comply with cutting-edge technology as well as being simple and user friendly.

SAMClick - Software Asset Management

SAMClick is a simple solution for managing the Microsoft SAM engagements in a fast way. It recommends cloud solutions for licensing and cybersecurity, depending on customers' deployment. Data required for SAM engagements are collected and analyzed with just one click. Samclick's Success is proved in Turkey and it is ready to take its place worldwide.

Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

Kazancmetre is a web based software, providing management of Microsoft distributors and business partners' Microsoft Licence (CSP, OPEN, OVS) sales and bidding processes. Kazancmetre enhances communication between Microsoft distributors and subsidiary channels by standardising and simplifying processes with its professional business workflow management.

Hardware Trade-In Cost Calculator

Reinvent the Office supports you while renewing your computer inventory. It provides you calculation of market costs for trade in of your company computers through hardware specifications and bidding processes. Proceeding under the sponsorship of HP, this web project is started in Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia and gets more global everyday.

Web Design and Content Management System

IW (Intelligence Website) is a content management system for enterprise level web sites & portals. It is a platform even that people who do not have coding knowledge are able to manage functional and dynamic websites. It is for companies who focus on online platforms enabling their web sites updated very often. It has controls created for easy management of businesses involving continuous actions, presentations, services and developments. IW (Intelligence Website) is suitable for companies who need corporate solutions.

Enterprise Level E-Commerce

It is an e-trade platform creating different sales experiences, complying with corporate infrastructures, available for distributor and multi-sales network. As an enterprise solution it needs internal or external IT support in the company and subject matter expertise. Our highly experienced team will analyze your trade structure and customize e-trade project for you on Open24 platform. Open24 is innovative, updated and customizable through your business needs.

Sales Performance & Loyalty Program

Isortagim program enables Microsoft OEM business partners and distributors to evaluate sales performance and loyalty program through performance measurements. It reports rebates for business partners through incentive programs on OEM license sales. Also with its sales simulation tool feature it creates new scenarios for up-to-date rebate calculation.