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We are innovative and creative. We aim superior success and achieve it. We support continuos improvement and we are experts in our area…

As Codesmart Software and Internet Technologies, we are an experienced, young and dynamic organisation who adapt quickly technological developments in the sector, give direction to the change, know the importance of customer and employee satisfaction in business environment, reflect the professional skills with amateur spirit, believe in the power of technology and the internet and aim to become a brand in our sector.

We have aimed to provide highest quality services to our customers in their software projects. We do not promise the commitments that we cannot achieve, we certainly do bring alive our promises and commitments. Our relationships are built on flexibility, reliability, speed and solution partnership. As Codesmart, we have all the technical knowledge and equipment to provide the resources for you to deliver your job in a most successful way. By implementing our all software applications, we make difference on you. We target to convert all your dreams to successful projects by using all these characteristics of us.



Dash Board - BI Project

Microsoft Partner campaign track and management platform



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